Centrum Turystyczne Marko

bistro marko1If you’re coming to the Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb the left side of the road to the Plitvice Lakes will take you to a settlement Oštarski stanovi where you will find a tourist center Marko. TC Marko brings together the following services and possibilities: a restaurant, rooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, renting a bicycle and cycling tracks, hiking on the hillocks surrounding the center, riding. You will be offered to go on trips – Rastoke, the Plitvice Lakes, Barać’s Caves, hunting or fishing, or an off Road tour around Lika. The housing space is 51 beds (7/2, 8/3, 1/7 i 1/6 app). The rooms are Class-I, each with its own bathroom, a TV, air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter. Accomodation price goes from 120,00 kn per person in a double room, with breakfast at the price of 20,00kn per person.

Basic information and contact:


Centrum Turystyczne Marko

Oštarski stanovi bb

47245 Rakovica


Tel: 047 784 089

Fax: 047 784 099

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