Restaurant Degenija

degenija1Degenija is a Velebit’s protected flower, while the restaurant by its name is a pleasant family catering establishment, some 5 km before the entrance to the National Park the Plitvice Lakes, in a settlement Selište Drežničko. The offered specialties of the Degenija restaurant generally include meat, which is also characteristic of this area. The house specialties are fresh trout from Gacka and filled veal rolls in a mushroom sauce with home-made noodles. Diverse and rich a-la-carte menu: home-made cheese, Lika cheese (basa), domestic smoked ham (pršut) and hot sausage with paprika (kulen), various soups, grilled food, steak, turkey in gorgonzola, steak and various pasta. We also offer pizza baked in a bread oven. If an order is placed for groups, we may make roast lamb and roast young pork on the spit and veal and lamb baked in a bread oven under a lid (ispod peke) and home-baked bread. We also recommend our home-prepared plum brandy (šljivovica).

In the winter period, ready-made meals are on the menu, such as Lika lunch, thick bean soup (grah) and pickled cabbage, goulash, sarma (cooked pickled cabbage stuffed with minced meat) etc.

There is a terrace with a gorgeous panoramic vista of surrounding villages interspersed by lowlands and forest-covered hills. There are 60 seats on the terrace and 90 seats in an air-conditioned indoor part of the restaurant. The restaurant is perfect for groups visiting Plitvička jezera National Park yet wishing to have lunch outside the park. Also, we have a HACCP standard with high controls of food quality. We welcome you for business lunches, various formal occasions and cocktails. Guests desiring to have a taste of something traditional, tired passengers, curious visitors... for all of them we will provide delicious food and a high-quality service in tranquil surroundings and invite you to come again.


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