KUD Izvor


kud001The company was originally grown and original folk songs and dances wider Rakovica surroundings and part of Lika. Began operations in 1978, and from the outset has made a mark on the local level and beyond. At the beginning of the war, the Company was silent for a while, "Izvor" dried up because his members are dispersed. In 1994, the company restarted and old members who mostly reside in Karlovac joined by new. 1995 return to Rakovica and continue fertile and rich work. The original program the company makes a tangle of songs and dances that are sung with a variety of occasions. The melody is in couplets, and each line in the ten. Content couplets is mainly a love of the countryside, village, girl, guy, homeland, Croatia. Games and circuits are typical for Dinaric area. Costumes society is reconstructed costumes from the late 19th century. This is mainly working farming clothing woven from flax yarns hemp.





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